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[~korth/gens-gs-ii.git] / TAGS.txt
1 Description of git tags for Gens/GS II:
3 gens-rom-compat-list-v0: Initial implementation of the
4 ROM Compatibility List generator scripts. The source file doesn't
5 have any actual ROMs in it yet, but they'll be added soon.
7 gens-qt4-RecentRoms-v0: Initial implementation of Recent ROMs
8 functionality. Two classes are used: RecentRoms, which stores
9 and manages the Recent ROMs list, and RecentRomsMenu, which
10 displays the Recent ROMs list as a QMenu. The RecentRoms instance
11 is located in GensConfig, and provides QSettings load()/save()
12 functions, which are called by GensConfig's reload() and save()
13 functions, respectively.
15 gens-qt4-CtrlConfig-v0: Initial Controller Configuration class.
16 This class stores the key mapping for all controllers, and provides
17 functions to update the LibGens::IoBase objects with new configuration.
18 It also provides load() and save() functions to load and save the
19 configuration using a QSettings object. Team Player and 4-Way Play
20 devices are currently not supported. GensConfig now has an instance
21 of CtrlConfig, called m_ctrlConfig, which is currently public. It may
22 be marked private later on, provided that I add wrapper functions for
23 access and modification.
25 gens-qt4-CtrlConfigWindow-v2: CtrlConfigWindow now uses a new class,
26 GensCtrlKeyWidget, which accepts a single key without modifiers and
27 blinks the text while waiting for a key.
29 gens-qt4-region-code-v1: Region auto-detection is mostly implemented.
30 GeneralConfigWindow doesn't yet enable the Apply button or save changes
31 if regions are dragged and dropped in lstRegionDetect, but it does work
32 if the Up/Down buttons are used instead. Everything else works basically
33 as expected.
34 - TODO: Too many messages are printed to the OSD if the auto-detection
35 region is changed while system region is set to auto-detect.
37 gens-qt4-region-code-v0: The system region code can now be changed
38 using either the System, Region menu or the General Configuration
39 window. Automatic region code detection currently uses a hard-coded
40 ordering, although the UI for changing it is present in the
41 General Configuration window. (It currently does nothing.)
43 gens-qt4-GensConfig-v1: GensConfig now saves all configuration settings
44 to an INI file in ~/.config/gens-gs-ii/gens-gs-ii.conf (Linux and Mac)
45 or %APPDATA%/gens-gs-ii/gens-gs-ii.conf (Win32). The configuration file
46 is loaded on startup. Aspect ratio constraints, fast blur, and
47 (new) bilinear filtering are all handled by VBackend and GensQGLWidget.
49 gens-qt4-GeneralConfigWindow-v5: Massive UI overhaul for Mac OS X.
50 The tabs are now replaced with a unified titlebar/toolbar, and
51 changes are applied immediately. GeneralConfigWindow still works
52 the same way it worked previously on other platforms.
54 gens-qt4-GeneralConfigWindow-v4: Qt Desginer improvements for the
55 GensLineEdit widget and some improvements in UnRAR warning messages
56 on Unix systems.
58 gens-qt4-McdControlWindow-v2: Added signal-based updating when using
59 FindCdromUDisks. The dropdown box is automatically updated whenever
60 a signal is received from UDisks. Additionally, a simple filename-based
61 FindCdromUnix backend has been added. This backend only supports Linux
62 at the moment, but will be expanded to support other Unix systems later.
63 (Mac OS X will have its own backend based on IOKit.)
65 gens-qt4-ZipSelectDialog-v1: Rewrote ZipSelectDialog to use a QTreeView
66 and a custom QAbstractItemModel subclass. Files are now shown in a
67 hierarchical view if directories are present within the archive.
69 gens-qt4-McdControlWindow-v1: Initial Win32 CD-ROM detection.
71 - The disc label is read using GetVolumeLabel(), and icons are obtained
72 using SHGetFileInfo(). Disc type and drive type are assumed to be CD-ROM,
73 since that information isn't as easily obtainable as with UDisks. It's
74 also not necessary in order to determine the icon on Win32, since the
75 icon is obtained from the system.
77 - Initial SPTI wrapper. This wrapper will also be used for the Win32
78 McdReader class later on.
80 gens-qt4-McdControlWindow-v0: Initial "Sega CD Control Panel" window.
81 It currently displays any detected CD-ROM drives using the new
82 FindCdromUDisks class, which is based on the FindCdromBase class.
83 Disc icon, drive model, and disc label information are displayed,
84 as well as the device filename.
86 gens-qt4-GeneralConfigWindow-v3: Added a "General" tab, which allows for
87 configuration of various options, including OSD settings. OSD settings are
88 applied to GensConfig and GensQGLWidget; other settings don't do anything
89 yet. UnRAR settings are now applied to both GensConfig and DcRar.
91 gens-qt4-GeneralConfigWindow-v2: UnRAR, RAR, and UnRAR.dll files are now
92 detected correctly on all platforms. The UnRAR binary is *not* yet applied
93 to DcRar when settings are saved.
95 gens-qt4-GeneralConfigWindow-v1: New GensConfig class to store configuration
96 information. Added initial UnRAR binary selection to the "General Configuration"
97 window and support for GensConfig for Sega CD Boot ROMs and UnRAR binary.
98 TODO: Add UnRAR binary detection to determine if the selected binary (or DLL
99 on Win32) is usable.
101 gens-qt4-GeneralConfigWindow-v0: Initial "General Configuration" window.
102 It currently implements Sega CD Boot ROM detection, which is somewhat
103 useless right now because Sega CD isn't implemented. (Changes aren't
104 saved anywhere, either.) Sega Boot ROMs must be uncompressed in order
105 to be detected at the moment. Decompressor support will be added later.
107 mcd_pcm-0.1: Sega CD PCM Utility v0.1. This utility can convert Sega CD
108 PCM samples to standard unsigned 8-bit WAV files with configurable
109 starting position, length, and sample rate.
111 gens-credits-v1: New credits format that makes it easier to separate
112 roles from users. This update was needed for Sik's new credits ROM,
113 which I will add to LibGens later.
115 gens-no-emulation-build: Added support for "No-Emulation" builds, i.e.
116 builds of Gens/GS II without the CPU emulators. This is useful for testing
117 the Gens/GS II framework on non-x86 CPUs, since the CPU emulators are still
118 written in 32-bit x86 assembly language.
120 gens-qt4-paused-v0: Initial paused support. Emulation is paused if Escape
121 is pressed, and unpaused if Escape is pressed again. I'll need to write a
122 new class to handle non-controller keypresses in order to clean up the
123 paused code. This class will also handle stuff like savestate slot keys.
125 gens-qt4-ZipSelectDialog-v0: Initial implementation of the Multi-File
126 Archive Selection Dialog. Files are not shown in a hierarchical view yet,
127 so it's essentially the same as ZipSelectDialog from Gens/GS. QTreeWidget
128 is used instead of QTreeView, since QTreeWidget doesn't require creating
129 a QAbstractItemModel subclass.
131 gens-qt4-ScreenShot-v0: Initial screenshot support. Saves screenshots in
132 the gens-qt4 directory using the same naming scheme as Gens/GS. File format
133 is PNG only for onw, but may be customizable later.
135 gens-qt4-SigHandler-v1: Updated the signal handler to work properly in
136 non-GUI threads.
138 libgens-save-data-v1: SRam/EEPRom AutoSave is implemented. It currently has
139 a hard-coded threshold of 1000 ms, and doesn't detect the system region yet,
140 so the frame counter is always checked based on NTSC timing.
142 gens-qt4-PortAudio-v0: Initial PortAudio implementation. It does nothing but
143 generate two sawtooth waves, based on the example code from the PortAudio
144 website: http://www.portaudio.com/trac/wiki/TutorialDir/WritingACallback
146 gens-qt4-osd-bitmap-v0: Use a bitmap image for the onscreen display instead
147 of Qt's font renderer. The bitmap image is faster, and we don't really need
148 to show the full Unicode character set onscreen. (Only U+0000 - U+FFFF are
149 supported.)
151 libgens-save-data-v0: SRam and EEPRom data is loaded and saved on ROM open
152 and close, respectively. Autosave is not implemented yet. New LibGens OSD
153 handler for display SRam/EEPRom load/save messages onscreen.
155 gens-credits-v0: Initial "Credits" tab in the About dilaog. This tab lists
156 all the contributors for Gens/GS and Gens/GS II, plus the original Gens
157 author and the authors and contributors of the previous Gens multiplatform
158 ports, e.g. Gens/BeOS and Gens/Linux.
160 gens-qt4-open-close-title: gens-qt4 now supports opening and closing ROMs
161 using the appropriate entries in the File menu. It also sets the window
162 title to the ROM's internal name when a ROM is running.
164 libgens-EEPRom-v0: Initial EEPROM support. (The class is named EEPRom for
165 consistency with other memory management classes in Gens/GS II.) Most of the
166 code was ported from Genesis Plus GX. A lot of work then went into refactoring
167 everything so that SRAM and EEPROM could co-exist, with EEPROM taking priority
168 over SRAM if the loaded ROM image matches an entry in the EEPROM database.
170 Genesis Plus GX EEPROM source:
171 http://code.google.com/p/genplus-gx/source/browse/trunk/source/cart_hw/eeprom.c
173 libgens-controllers-v2:
175 - Initial Controller Configuration dialog, which currently shows the type
176 of controller connected to Port 1 at the time that the dialog was opened.
178 - Support for L/R modifier keys (e.g. Left Alt vs. Right Alt) on X11 and
179 Win32. (Mac OS X doesn't seem to expose the required functionality.)
181 - The 6-button TH counter now only increments on a TH rising edge, which
182 improves reliability. Additionally, the TH counter is now reset after
183 25 scanlines have elapsed without a TH rising edge.
185 - Mega Mouse doesn't check for TR transitions if it's waiting for a TH
186 falling edge.
188 - New IoBase::reset() function to reset the controller ports on system startup.
190 libgens-controllers-v1: Support for 2-button (SMS/GG) controllers
191 on Port 1. Added a function to properly apply the effects of the
192 tristate buffer to the result of the readData() functions for each
193 controller class.
195 libgens-controllers-v0: Support for NULL, 3-button, and 6-button
196 controllers on Port 1. A framework for devices on Port 2 and Port E
197 (EXT) is implemented.
199 libgens-initial-M68K: Initial working M68K CPU core. It can run games!
201 libgens-big-endian-v0: Fixed all big-endian problems in libgens related
202 to code that's currently in use. This includes VDP and Effects. The CPU
203 emulatoin cores were not enabled during testing, since they're currently
204 x86 only.
206 gens-qt4-SigHandler-v0: Initial port of the Gens/GS signal handler
207 to Gens/GS II. It's slightly different from the original: instead
208 of showing the system default error icon, it shows a picture of
209 Rick Astley.
211 libgens-LOG_MSG: Ported (and updated) the LOG_MSG() subsystem from
212 the original Gens/GS to Gens/GS II.
214 gens-qt4-QGLWidget-Win32: Updated the QGLWidget implementation to work
215 correctly on Win32. This includes adding 32-bit color texture support,
216 which is needed on my VM since Microsoft's OpenGL implementation only
217 supports OpenGL 1.1, and 15-bit/16-bit color textures were added in
218 OpenGL 1.2 or 1.3.
220 gens-qt4-QGLWidget: Initial reworking of Gens/GS II to use QGLWidget
221 in gens-qt4 instead of SDL Video in LibGens.
223 libgens-vdp-loadFromZomg: Initial test of the VDP subsystem. A static
224 image is loaded from a prototype ZOMG savestate file and displayed
225 onscreen.
227 libgens-initial-vdp: Initial port of Gens/GS r7+'s VDP code into Gens/GS II.
229 gens-qt4-menubar-refactoring: Refactoring of the gens-qt4 menu bar system.
231 gens-qt4-initial-ui: Initial Qt4 UI for Gens/GS II.
233 initial-commit: Initial commit of Gens/GS II.
234 Tagged 2011/04/04 01:31 PM EDT, but set to the same date as
235 the initial commit so it shows up correctly in gitweb.